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Design, Unleash and Ignite your Best Year Yet


Are you ready to make 2024 your best year yet?


Join us for a transformative program designed exclusively for women who are determined to conquer their dreams and cultivate a life of purpose, progress, and fulfillment.

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  • Are tired of ending their year feeling unfulfilled and without meaningful accomplishments.

  • Life constantly gets on the way of your dreams. You struggle to find the time to do the things you want to do and find yourself pushing your dreams off.

  • Carry big dreams and are ready to turn 2024 into a year of achievement.

  • Seek progress, fulfillment, and a sense of being in control.

  • Want to transition from busyness to productivity while aligning with your priorities.

  • You're eager to take the reins of your life and craft your own narrative, embracing empowerment, accountability, and intentional living

  • You're yearning for a year that's more than just ordinary

  • You're ready to break free from the cycle of inertia, procrastination, and unproductive routines that have held you back

  • You're seeking alignment between your goals, actions, and the priorities that truly matter to you

  • You've been putting your own needs on the backburner, yearning to prioritize self-care, personal growth, and your own well-being

  • You yearn for meaningful progress that goes beyond mere tasks and ushers in a period of substantial personal and professional growth

  • You're committed to flourishing in every aspect of your life and refuse to settle for anything less

This is for you if you . . .
When joining                       you will gain . . .
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  • Crystal-clear vision of your goals and priorities, ensuring your year is purposeful and driven.

  • Effective strategies to conquer challenges, enabling you to navigate any roadblocks with resilience.

  • Empowerment to pivot and adjust as life unfolds.

  • Self-assuredness to step into 2014 to pursue your purpose, achieve progress, and revel in self-empowerment.

  • Lifelong skills to harness and maintain momentum, propelling you towards continuous growth and achievement.

  • Connection with a supportive community of like-minded women.

  • Transformed time management, shifting from busyness to productivity, and dedicating your hours to what truly matters.

  • Crafted strategic roadmap, transforming aspirations into actionable plans, guiding you through a year filled with accomplishments.

  • Enriched personal and professional relationships through intentional living and meaningful connections..

  • Seamlessly integrated self-care routine, nurturing your well-being alongside your pursuit of goals.

  • Heightened focus, redirecting energy toward key priorities and leaving distractions behind

  • Ownership of your journey, confidently making decisions and steering your life toward your aspirations.

  • Inspired productivity, harnessing inspiration to fuel your actions and align them with your purpose.

  • Elevated self-confidence, striding confidently toward your dreams with a sense of self-assured purpose.

Don't let another year slip by without fulfilling your potential.

Join us for IgniteHER next November 8, 9 and 10th

and step into a year of purpose, progress, fulfillment, empowerment and joy!


Step 1:
Setting the Vision for 2024

  • Reflect on your accomplishments and growth from 2023.

  • Craft a powerful vision board for an inspiring 2024.

  • Engage in a guided visualization exercise to step into your dreams.

Step 2:
Strategic Planning for the year ahead

  • Learn the art of identifying "big rocks" – your core priorities.

  • Map out your year with visual impact

  • Create a solid plan to turn your goals into reality.


Step 3:
Momentum Mastery – Turbocharge your year

  • Embrace the power of maintaining momentum in your journey.

  • Nourish your inner compass to navigate unforeseen twists.

  • Depart with tools to ensure alignment and intention all through 2024.


Access to the 3-day LIVE event

Recording of all sessions

The 2024 Design Your Year Notion Planner

Monthly planning & accountability sessions throughout 2024

 $47 when you join the wait list

*$97 regular price

Event Details



Online program

Complete at your own pace

Program will be available starting November 2023


Annual Planning Digital Workbook & the Notion Design Your Year Planner



Online Platform that will guide you step by step

This means you can join from the comforts of your home or your favorite coffee shop.

Option to join livestream together with other participants



Your ticket to this event includes the complete 2024 Design Your Year Notion Planner which includes:

  1. Vision Board

  2. Yearly Planning + Goal Setting Dashboard

  3. Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly Planning Dashboard

  4. Additional Resources



 Start a New Year knowing exactly how to reach your dreams and goals

Stop living "day-to-day" putting out non-stop fires

Create plans with confidence 

Love your calendar again

Live a life with purpose, intention, fulfillment and joy

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