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14 days of Valentine's

Have you ever celebrated the 14 Days of Valentine’s?

It’s one of my favorite little traditions!

If you’ve never heard of it before, the 14 Days of Valentine’s is pretty straightforward. Basically, from February 1st through the 14th, you come up with a gift of some kind for the special person or people in your life. It works for partners, children, or friends!

It’s a fun way to surprise others and show love in ways that are a little outside the ordinary. None of it needs to be expensive or over-the-top, and you can make it as inexpensive (like, free!) or extravagant as your budget and desire allow.

In order to make it even more special for those you love, I love to focus on each person's love language. Do you know what is your love one's love language? I personally believe there is no better way to make your significant other feel special this upcoming Valentine's Day than through their Love Languages. If you want to learn more about the 5 Love Languages, grab a copy of the book. Totally recommend it!

You can also take the 5 Love Languages Quiz here.

Once you know, or at list have an idea of what is the love language of those you love, try to

Love Notes + Words of Affirmation

  • A handmade, old-fashioned valentine.

  • A small container of “things I love about you” written on slips of paper (like a little jar filled with candy and little slips of paper)

  • A handwritten note of appreciation, praise, or love.

  • A love note on the bathroom mirror

  • A small book made with some of your favorite memories together

  • Special texts sent throughout the day

  • Notes in their lunch box, work bag, etc.

  • Hearts decorated with “I love you” in different languages posted all over

  • Homemade Valentine’s crossword puzzle

Quality time

  • A date to get their favorite treat out (gelato, bakery treats, a fun drink, etc.)

  • Play a fun game together

  • Explore a new store, exhibit, or restaurant

  • Get out in nature together! Go on a hike, walk, bike ride, etc.

  • Go to a concert, show, or play

  • 30 minutes (or 1 hour or 2 hours or a whole afternoon) to do WHATEVER the other person chooses. (Kids especially LOVE getting to pick!)

  • Take a class together

  • Go to a paint-your-own-pottery place

  • Visit a bookstore together. (Maybe choose a book for each other or each person chooses a book you like!)

  • Go get manicures or pedicures together.

  • A day trip or overnight trip together.

Physical touch

I bet your partner or kids wouldn’t turn down kisses, hugs, etc., but here are some other ideas to get the sensation of touch involved

  • Give a DIY massage or gift a massage at a spa

  • Bubble bath, bath salts, or bath oil.

  • Get a facial.

  • Go dancing or go PLAY somewhere (trampoline place, mini-golf, laser tag, etc.)

  • Try a weighted blanket. They’re awesome for snuggling or feeling calmer.

  • Go rock climbing or hiking together

  • Snuggle while you watch a favorite movie

  • Give a shoulder or foot rub

  • Try an at-home manicure or pedicure

  • Hold hands on a walk or hike

Acts of Service

  • Make them a cup of tea, hot cocoa, a smoothie, etc. for the morning

  • Making the bed

  • Clean out the Closet or another catch-all space in your home.

  • Run an annoying errand or take care of a nagging task.

  • Packing a special lunch (bonus points for heart-shaped things)

  • Cleaning up a bedroom, closet, or rooms around the house

  • Polish their shoes or drop off dry cleaning.

  • Take everyone out of the house so they can have some alone time.

  • Changing a habit (I know one friend who promised to turn the lights off when she left the room for a week–her husband was so grateful)

  • Get their car washed or detailed (check online for services that come to you!)

  • Gift a deep house cleaning or lawn service (or tackle it yourself)

Gifts or presents

  • A favorite Valentine’s candy or a special treat

  • Drop off something special at work (flowers, lunch, a favorite drink, etc.)

  • A framed picture of you or your family for their desk

  • A book or photo album – Chatbooks is easy since you can choose from your Instagram feed or upload your own photos from your phone or computer. (Get $10 off your first order here)

  • A book you think they’d like (This one makes us both laugh!)

  • Homemade coupon for something they need or want (Let’s go pick up ____ )

  • Fresh flowers or a new plant for the house or yard.

  • Free choice. Let the other person choose the movie, restaurant, dinner menu, etc. (my kids love this!)

  • Everything for a movie night in or out (popcorn, a DVD, tickets, movie treats)

  • A valentine’s playlist or a playlist of songs that remind you of memories together

Looking for move ideas? Here are some gift ideas for him & her to make their day the most special Valentine's Day.

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