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Be unstoppable

Being unstoppable means different things for different people. For me personally, being unstoppable means having the drive, energy, determination to pursue one's purpose. Be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your purpose and vision. Not giving up no matter what obstacles come your way. Unstoppable people don't settle. Being unstoppable for me means never stop learning and growing and knowing that there is always more, that we can be better tomorrow than we are today.

What does to be unstoppable mean for you? It has a different meaning for all of us. What would be possible for you right now if you were unstoppable? Grab a pen and write down what comes to mind. What would it mean to be unstoppable, and what would be possible in your life if you were unstoppable?

Think about three areas in your life and try to imagine what it would mean for your life in these categories if you were unstoppable:

  • Health & Energy

  • Relationships

  • Wealth & Work

Many times when we think about being unstoppable we think about all the things we need to do, but today I want to invite you to look and think about it form a different perspective. The key question to ask yourself is who you need to be or become to be unstoppable.

I truly believe that being unstoppable is a matter of attitude and mindset. So let's talk about some of those principles, habits, mindsets and perspectives that can make you unstoppable.

Here are some principles for being unstoppable. To learn more about these listen to episode 41 of the Leading Yourself Podcast.

  1. Have a deep and big why

  2. Have clear goals. Set goals that are beyond your capabilities

  3. Act more than you think

  4. Start before your are ready

  5. Never be satisfied

  6. Put pressure on yourself. Set high standards.

  7. Take responsibility

  8. Be authentic and genuine

  9. Don't be afraid of failure

  10. Don't compare of compete with anyone else but yourself

  11. Stay curious. Take risks. Experiment.

  12. Never stop learning

  13. Visualize the impact you can make, who you can become and what you can accomplish

  14. Stay focused

  15. Increase the intensity

  16. Develop self-confidence

  17. Surround yourself with people that you admire

  18. Let go of things holding you back

  19. Say yes, figure it out later

  20. Think and act 10x


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