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Build Successful Accountability Partnerships

Finding an accountability partner or success buddy is one of the key success factors to enable you to stick your goals.

Why is so important have an accountability partner?

90% of all New year's resolutions and goals fail.

If you have an specific plan, tracking to a deadline - chances for success go up 50%

When you declare to others that you will achieve your goals, this stretches to 66%

But social accountability is better than nothing but often not enough. Committing to one person in particular and scheduling accountability appointments with that partner your odds to success sky rock to 95%

An accountability partner is a powerful leverage to achieve the extraordinary success you look to achieve

Your accountability partner doesn't need to be:

  • Be a mentor or someone wise that can advice you

  • Be better than you,

  • Be in your same industry or understand your industry, company lingo o be familiar with your problems

But an accountability partner must:

  • Be someone who will commit and show up on time consistently

  • Show prepared , be brief and will be brilliant

  • Hold you accountable. They don't need to know what you should be doing, just need to know what you said you said you were going to do last time and held you accountable. Have you done it? if not, what are you going to do to fix it?

What makes an accountability partner valuable is not who they are, how good they are, or even if they understand your business or issues at all, rather, an accountability partner is valuable because:

  • Knowing that someone else is waiting for you so it forces you to show up.

  • Prevents you from talking yourself out of doing to do.

  • Sharing with someone what you are doing to do, makes you plan better.

  • Sharing your wins, aha moments makes you more aware of the learnings in the process.

You might be thinking, of that makes it easier to find a accountability partner. Think twice. finding someone who is committed, consistent, on time, prepared and on point is even harder.

Here are some tips to build a successful accountability partnership:

  1. Set clear expectations and communicate them effectively.

  2. Set clear time boundary to review and renew or end accountability partnership (90 days is the perfect check in point).

  3. Be vulnerable in sharing how you get on your own way.

  4. Be clear on how you want to be held accountable and give your partner full permission to help you accountable.

Finally, I mentioned before that one key role accountability partners play is asking the right questions. During your accountability meetings, a good accountability partner will ask the following questions:

  • What were your TOP 3 wins of the week?

  • What were your TOP3 loses of the week? (based on the goals and priorities of the week/ things

  • What are your TOP 3 fixes? /

  • What are the TOP3 lessons learned of the week?

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