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Getting unstuck

Do you feel stuck? it happens! Getting stuck is not a problem, it's normal. The problem is to stay stuck. Change is hard, but nothing is more painful than feeling and knowing that what we do in the outside is less than what we know we are capable to do in the inside; knowing what we need to do it but not doing it because we are stuck.

Why do we get stuck? And, how do I know I am stuck?

  • We became a creature of your habits. You know I am huge fan of habits. Developing productive habits can have a huge positive impact in our overall performance, continue to improve and grow. That being said, habits, even productive ones, can end up working against us when we get too comfortable and stop pushing ourselves.

  • We get bored. When we start a new project, we are all pumped up, we are motivated, and it feels exciting. Over time we can became bore. The thing that felt exciting a few months or weeks ago, doesn't anymore and we start to dread it, skip a day here and there, and ultimately get stuck.

  • We are afraid of change. Fear paralyzes us to take the first step and we end up getting stuck where we are.

  • We get things for granted. We believe opportunities come and will continue to come. We let opportunities past thinking a new one will come. Sometimes our indecisiveness freezes us from taking the first step and we end up getting stuck where we are.

  • We make up excuses. I don't know how to this; I don't know where to start; are some of the most common excuses we make for ourselves. We believe we need to know it all and have everything ready in order to take the first step.

  • We compare ourselves with others. Comparing ourselves with others keep us stuck. Because we are not as good as others we freeze, we stop, we get stuck.

  • We live in our past and obsessing with things that are in the past. We can't change the past.

So, how to get unstuck?

Well, let me tell you that you most likely have already taken the first step which is realizing you are stuck. The next step is to identify in what particular area of your life is that you are stuck. Is it your personal growth, is it your relationship(s), your career, your business? Narrow it down to a particular area is key so you can identify the right actions you can take to get unstuck. Once you identify the area where you are stuck think about what you can do to get stuck. Keep in mind that is always going to require an action. Stay away from things like research, exploration, thinking or planning. The only way to get traction and get unstuck is to take action.

Here are some ideas of things you can try to help you get unstuck. Depending on what area of your life you are stuck on some will be more effective than others

1. Read a new personal development book.

Once things that helps me get unstuck is to shift my perspective and one way that always helps me do that is to read a personal development topic. I always find ideas in a good personal development book that inspires me to take action and motivates me to get unstuck. Here are some of my favorite personal development books if you are looking for ideas.

2. Start a new project or side hustle.

Especially when I feel bored and consumed by my routines, I like to start a new project or even, why not, a side hustle. When I was stuck with my exercise. You probably have heard me say this a few times in prior blogs, but for years I struggled to stay motivated to work out. One thing that helped me get unstuck, build consistency and gain momentum was to become a personal health and fitness coach. When I felt I was getting too comfortable around my personal development I started my podcast. As I grew into it and started to feel I was creating a new comfort zone I decided to start a blog and most recently I started a YouTube channel and a podcast in Spanish. I am still moving in the same space, just expanding the space as the original space I created started to feel too comfortable.

3. Start a new planner.

I personally love planners. When I get stuck, especially in areas like personal growth or my career, I like to start a new planner. There is something about starting with a blank piece of paper that helps me clear my mind, refocus and get unstuck. I find that many times my first reaction when I feel stuck is to try to tweak my current plans and goals and those tweaks are just not enough, sometimes you just need to start over, as I said from a black piece of paper.

4. Learn something new.

One thing that really helps me get out of rut is learn something new. It brings that excitement, curiosity and inspiration. and many times, is just what I need to get unstuck. The best part about this is that in today's world whatever you want to learn about is out there and for free, you just need to find it.

5. Practice gratitude.

I know I talk about gratitude all the time, but I believe gratitude is one of those keystone habits that has a ripple effect in many areas of our lives. When we are stuck, we tend to focus on seeing the glass half empty. We see the things we don't have, the things that are not working well. When we incorporate gratitude in our lives, gratitude has that power to help us see things from a completely different respective. A perspective of abundance, opportunity and joy.

6. Start a new workout program.

I believe that moving our bodies is another of those keystone habits that have a ripple effect in many areas in our lives. I have been working out every day, six days a week for 2 years now. When I get stuck with fitness, when I hit a plateau, I like to switch things up and starting a new workout program always helps me get unstuck, get motivated about my fitness practice and see results. But the impact of starting a new workout program doesn't stop there. As I said, working out is one of those keystone habits that have a ripple effect. Every time I start a new workout program I feel so energized tat that energy transpires to other areas of my life: all the sudden I am more productive at work, I am more creative and create more and better content, I start other new projects, I make better food choices, drink more water, sleep better and I can get going.

7. De-clutter.

Whether is your physical space or your ideas, de-cluttering is one of those simple practices that can help you get unstuck. And unorganized space can make us feel stuck, even when everything is ok. The reason for that is because even the simpler tasks require more energy when we need to sort through the clutter. Cutter can be exhausting and can push us to feel stuck. When I feel stuck, I like to take a break and organize a room in my house, my desk or my closet.

8. Set one goal and focus on it 100%.

Goals can be a powerful thing. Setting a new goal, finding a new dream can help you get unstuck. You have identified the specific area in your life where you feel unstuck, now set a goal in that area and give it your 100%, laser focus on that goal until you achieve. It works like magic. You will find yourself beefing pumped up and motivated again.

9. Do a vision board.

Another thing that I love to do to get unstuck is to create a vision board. A vision board is basically a collage of images that capture your vision for the future, your dreams, goals, values and can help you find motivation and inspiration and to help you think beyond your current status quo to help you get unstuck and on your way to reach new heights.

10. Join a community.

Never underestimate the power of community. Find a community of people that share common interest, goals, and challenges. This can be a group of friends, or colleagues you know or a virtual community of strangers. If you are looking for some ideas, check out my "Living Your Best Life" private Facebook group.

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