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My favorite books in 2020

Books have been one of my favorite friends this year. I have enjoyed many great books this year, some newly released ones and others that how come I had not read before!?

I wanted to pick my top three but I really struggled, even to pick my top four I struggled, so decided to pick my favorite among the most recently published books. You can find many more of my favorites here.

by Jay Shetty

This was my favorite book in 2020. In his book Jay includes a combination of ancient wisdom which he learned while being a monk for 3 years, and his personal experiences living in the modern world.

The aim of Think Like a Monk is to help individuals apply a monk mindset to their lives. Think Like a Monk shows you how to clear the roadblocks to your potential by overcoming negative thoughts, accessing stillness, and creating true purpose. It can be challenging to apply the lessons of monks to busy lives. However, Jay provides advice and exercises to reduce stress, improve self-discipline and focus, and maintain relationships in the modern world.

by Scott Miller

Really easy to read and very practical and tactical advice from Scott, who shares in his book 30 leadership challenges you can apply now. When applied, these challenges can change the way you manage yourself, lead others, and produce results. The challenges will teach you to lead difficult conversations and celebrate success; inspire trust, actively listen, and challenge paradigms; put the right people in the right roles; create a clear and actionable vision for your team; and much more.

by Dave Hollis

This book guides you through the process of overcoming what’s holding you back from being your best self and reaching success you’ve never dreamed of by identifying how Dave Hollis came to realize his limiting beliefs and overcome them.

On his book Dave his experience when he found himself stuck in a rut, unmotivated, unfulfilled, and a version of himself he didn't like, all while being skeptical he could actually do anything about it. On his books he unpacks the untruths he once believed, reveals how those lies held him back and outlines the tools that helped him change his life.

By Britt Barron

In Worth It, Brit tells her story, growing up trying to fit neatly inside the boundaries her Evangelical church. She was boxed in by her fears, unable to realize her full potential, until she felt in love, and chose to leave behind those boundaries in favor of a fuller and more vibrant life.

Through her story he inspires others to overcome their own fears--the kinds of fears that keep us from evolving beyond the narratives that have been handed to us by others.

By Rachel Hollis

I really like Rachel's writing style, that is the main reason I read this book. I say that because this book didn't came in the right moment in my life. I believe books speak to you in different way depending on what season of your life you are in when you ready it. This book provides tactical advice on how to come through your pain and learn and grow and change for better rather than staying stuck in pain. While I was not going through loss or grief as I read this week, I could still take away tactical tips and advice that I can apply in my life.

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