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Overcome your fears and embrace the life you are made for

Today I am talking with Britt “Beans” Barron, public speaker, teacher and officially now a writer.

Brit spent the first part of her life in the evangelical church and eventually became a pastor at a mega church at the ripe age of 26. After peaking too soon, she started to understand more about herself, her dreams and her sexuality.  She met a woman named Sami that changed, saved and transformed her whole life. Meeting Sami, leaving the church, coming out and getting married have given Brit a deep seated passion for reminding people that choosing freedom is always worth it no matter the cost. 

She has spent a lot of time working in the space of diversity and inclusion. Beans is a great story teller that through her authentic stories she inspires others to embrace their true selves and have the courage to pursue their personal freedom and live the life they are meant for.  \

Her new book, “Worth it, Overcome your fears and embrace the life you are made for”, is now out in the world. In today’s episode I have the honor and pleasure to talk to Beans about her new book. You don’t want to miss it and you don’t want to miss her book! 

You can order her book here:

Listen to this interview on iTunes or Spotify or watch it on YouTube.

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