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Protect your mental health

I have to admit that until recently I never thought about my mental health. I've been very fortunate that I have not suffer anxiety, depression or any other mental health challenges in my life. I feel very fortunate about that because I know I am probably part of the exception as more and more people today are struggling with these.

Many of us have fitness goals, have a workout and nutrition plan that we follow. Just like we don't necessarily wait until we have a physical condition or challenge to start taking care of our body and physical health, we should not wait until we have a mental challenge to focus on our mental health. Just like the body needs to be rest, eat and exercise to get stronger, so does our mind.

Is very import that we take a proactive approach to our mental health.

I really like this quote from Jay Shetty, author of "Think like a monk". I think is captures the essence of what I am trying to say here:

"Just like we know how we want our body to look like, is important that we have a clear vision on how we want our mind to feel" - Jay Shetty

Whether you have faced mental health challenges or not, stress is something we are all exposed to on a daily basis, is one of those things no one can avoid.. Sometimes can have a positive impact in our life and propulse us to up our game, but is what we do about stress what matters, because if we are not able to cope and manage our stress properly our stress can create a negative impact to our overall health.

Here are 15 things I have started to do intentionally to help me cope and manage my stress and support my mental health.

This time I am going to invite you you to listen to these strategies in the Leadership Yourself Podcast, where I explained each of these strategies, how I introduced them to my daily routines and the impact they've had in me protecting my mental health.

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