What 2020 has taught me

We can keep talking about how challenging 2020 has been. It really has, I don't want to downsize any of the challenges we faced this year.

For better or worse, the last nine months have changed us. And now, looking back, we can see the lessons we’ve learned—about health, resilience, community, balance, relationships land life in general.

Personally, 2020 has presented some unforeseen challenges, but it has also given me a tremendous opportunity to slow down, pause, and do some deep thinking around my life, my priorities, the things I care deeply about, and my core values

Every year as part of my end of the year self-reflection practice (you can learn more about this practice on Episode 44 of the Leading Your Best Life) I reflect on the lessons learned of the year that it's ending, and this year was not an exception.

While as I mentioned, 2020 has been a challenging year it has taught me a lot. As I was planning the last episode of my podcast I wanted to end the year on a positive note, so I decided to make an episode about my lessons learned this year.

You can listen to all the details on episode 46 of the Leading Yourself Podcast, but here is an overview 18 lessons I've learn in 2020:

  1. We must make self care a priority

  2. It's ok to slow down

  3. We have to protect our energy

  4. It's ok to ask for help

  5. Everything is figuratable

  6. Let go of the past, live in the present

  7. We are in control of our mindset and perspective

  8. There is always something to be grateful for

  9. Community is key

  10. Habits matter, developing productive routines can help stay and feel in control

  11. Happiness is self-created

  12. Alone doesn't mean lonely

  13. Don't expect anything, appreciate everything

  14. We must stay focused on your purpose in the midst of adversity

  15. Boundaries set us free

  16. Setting goals is important, being able to pivot is even more important

  17. Respond don't react

  18. Always be kind, everyone is fighting their own battle

While we all are looking forward to 2021 and we all hope for many things to improve next year, I think it's critical that we don't forget about the lessons that 2020 has taught us and we carry over the best of 2020 into 2021 and beyond.

Remember, even in the mist of the most challenging situations, there is always a lesson to learn and something to be grateful for. You are in control of your mindset, your perspective and your attitude. Always choose a mindset of abundance and growth, a glass half-full perspective and an attitude of gratitude.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2021!!!

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